• Justin Ruff Candle Co. had a "Very Good Monday" with Tabitha Brown!

    The actress and vegan lifestyle influencer formally endorsed our small batch creations during her "Candle of the Week" spotlight and we couldn't be more proud!

  • The Candle Awards -We're Nominated!

    Our Cocoa Butter candle was nominated for The Candle Awards #Litties2023 in the Best Fan-Voted Small Business Candle of the Year category!

    The Candle Awards are presented by one of the leading voices in the
    fragrance and candle industry, Sir Candle Man.

  • Introducing "The Sessions Collection"

    This signature collection was inspired by Justin's latest EP, “Sessions Vol. 1.” The Sessions Candle Collection is
    available now!

    You can also listen to Sessions Vol. 1 everywhere online where music is streamed.