Hi! My name is Justin Ruff and I’m an Atlanta-based R&B singer. I recently released an EP called “Sessions Vol. 1” and I created my own candle line to accompany the tunes! Introducing - Justin Ruff Candle Co.

I usually light candles when I’m recording or writing, so there’s a real connection between the two for me. My goal was to bring everyone into my world and create an immersive listening experience. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or create a soothing atmosphere for self-care, my music and scent blends are sure to set the perfect mood.

I currently offer hand-poured soy blend candles and wax melts. There's something for everyone in my signature collection. So, get ready to light a good candle and discover your new favorite song at the same time! 

p.s. if you love good music, and you're anxious to take a listen to my new EP that inspired this candle collection, click here to listen